Formal education consists of attending and participating in multidisciplinary conferences and didactic lectures on neonatal disease and their pathophysiology. Basic science is intertwined with the pediatric core lectures, obstetrical core lectures, fellow-neonatology meetings and monthly didactic lectures. Obstetrical core and perinatal lectures have included genetics, twin-to-twin transfusion, physiology of reproduction, preeclampsia, syphilis, premature labor, umbilical cord sampling, etc. The pediatric core lectures/grand rounds have included hyperbilirubinemia, pediatric renal transplant, chronic lung problems, ECMO, NEC, drug withdrawal, asphyxia, fluids/electrolytes, arrhythmias, HIV, and breastfeeding.

Fellow-neonatology meetings have included fluid and electrolytes, renal development, blood transfusions, physiology of the placenta, hand anomalies, persistent fetal circulation, respiratory function, osteomyelitis, biostatistics, and feeding the preterm. The fellow is required to present in addition to the neonatology staff and subspecialists. Didactic lectures have included the role of respiratory muscles in obstructive apnea (Pediatric Grand Rounds), drug/environmental effects on the fetus (outreach), neonatal stroke (neurology rounds), genetic evaluation of stillborn (perinatal lecture), surfactant, O2 monitoring, and GB sepsis in newborn and perinatal infections (outreach). Brain development and its anatomy and physiology is also covered during monthly neuropathology conferences at which time the residents/fellow present cases. Specifically, some of the topics which have been presented are as follows: "Trisomies: Prenatal, Clinical and Counseling", "Pulmonary Function Testing", "Neonatal Chronic TPN", "Left to Right Shunts", "Spinal Canal Abnormalities", Neonatal Thrombocytopenia", "Multi-drug Resistant Organisms in the NICU", "BPD and Nutrition", "Pathogenesis of Neonatal Stroke", and many more.

The fellow attends and participates in many multidisciplinary conferences; such as, perinatal mortality and morbidity (perinatology, obstetrics, family practice, neonatology,), high-risk conference (perinatology, obstetrical residents, social workers, neonatology, perinatology, medical students), perinatal journal club, developmental conference (developmentalist, nursing, neonatal nurse practitioners, neonatology, pediatric residents, social service), ethics conference (ethicist, neonatology, nursing, residents, social service, neonatal nurse practitioners), neurology rounds (neurology pediatric residents, neonatology/neurology fellows, neonatology, neurosurgery, neonatal nurse practitioners) and neuropathology conference (neurology, neuropathology, neonatology, perinatology, pathology, residents, neonatal nurse practitioners, medical students).

Didactic lectures include pediatric grand rounds (weekly), patient management conference (2 per month), pediatric surgery lecture, cardiology lecture (every two months), respiratory therapy lecture (monthly), resuscitation, radiology rounds (monthly), and resident lectures that include hyperbilirubinemia, sepsis, nutrition/hyperalimentation, IVH, seizures, apnea, RDS/BPD, polycythemia, physiologic anemia, RLF, PDA, NEC, congenital anomalies/syndromes, pulmonary air leaks, persistent fetal circulation, and drug withdrawal.

The fellow prepares lectures for resident education, perinatal mortality/morbidity conferences, resuscitation, neurology rounds, patient management conference, outreach program, pediatric research conferences and fellow-neonatology meetings. The fellow usually presents one pediatric grand rounds during the last year. The fellow presents cases at radiology rounds, ethics rounds, neuropathology conference and PM&M. The fellow presents and critiques articles for the monthly neonatal journal club and the combined OB/Neonatal Journal Club.

The fellow also attends local/regional symposia, Society for Pediatric Research meeting, the New England Perinatal Society meeting and other national symposia including NICHD Fellows Conference, Mead Johnson Fellows Conference, Wyeth Fellows Conference, etc.


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