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  The MBCL, DSCL, and PBCE will be closed for Thanksgiving on November 23rd and 24th. No orders will be processed or delivered during that time, and there will be no sample pickup. We will re-open on Monday the 27th. Have a great holiday!    leaves

Software for DNA Sequence Viewing and Editing

Sequence Viewing Software screen capture Windows PC

SeqScanner - Available from AppliedBiosystems.com

  1. Select Support, drag-down to Software and Downloads
  2. On next page scroll down the menu bar to Sequence Scanner V1.0 and proceed to download.
  3. You will need to enter your email and the machine type (ABI 3730xl)

GENEIOUS - (We like this one!) A free public version is available.

Chromas - Free from Technelysium

Mac OS X

GENEIOUS - (We like this one!) A free public version is available.

4Peaks - Free from Nucleobytes

UMassMed Keyserver Applications

UMass Medical School labs may obtain a keyserver license for MacVector or DSGene. These apps open chromatograms and have other utilities for a nominal fee.

GeneMapper and Fragment Analysis

Peak Scanner (PC only) - Available from AppliedBiosystems.com
                    Search by name or use catalog# 4381867
                                ( Manual available here )

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If you can recommend an analysis package, a link of interest, or other resource, please send us a note at MBCL@umassmed.edu

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