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The institution has a system of governance that facilitates the accomplishment of its mission and purposes and supports institutional effectiveness and integrity. Through its organizational design and governance structure, the institution creates and sustains an environment that encourages teaching, learning, service, scholarship, and where appropriate research and creative activity. It assures provision of support adequate for the appropriate functioning of each organizational component. The institution has sufficient independence from any sponsoring entity to be held accountable for meeting the Commission's Standards for Accreditation.

Luanne Thorndyke, MD

Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs

John Congdon
Office of Faculty Affairs
Michael Kneeland, MD
Associate Dean, Allied Health and Interprofessional Education
Interim Associate Dean, Continuing Medical Education
Scot Wolfe, PhD
Associate Professor
Heather Lyn Haley, PhD
Assistant Professor
Janet Hale, PhD, APRN
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Julia Johnson, MD
Chair and Professor
Lisa Beittel
Chief of Staff, Assistant Dean for Administration
Brendan Chisholm
Chief of Staff
James Healy, JD
Associate General Counsel

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