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Public Comment

Accreditation by the CIHE represents the Commission's judgment that UMass Chan meets the Commission's Standards for Accreditation and demonstrates it has clearly defined purposes appropriate to an institution of higher learning; has assembled and organized those resources necessary to achieve its purposes, is achieving its purposes; and has the ability to continue to achieve its purposes.

The Commission values information provided by individuals to help in determining whether UMW's performance is consistent with the Standards for Accreditation and Commission policies and procedures. For that reason, and in compliance with federal regulations, the Commission accepts Public Comments from students, faculty, staff, and members of the public about affiliated institutions. The Public Comment process is intended to inform the Commission about substantive matters related to institutional quality. It is not designed to address personal grievances or provide a remedy to individuals in disputes with institutions.

In order to ensure that the public has ample opportunity to provide Public Comments at the time of the comprehensive evaluation, the Commission posts the names of such institutions and the dates of the evaluation visits on its website under “Upcoming Evaluations.” Public Comments consist of observations, positive or negative, about the quality of a member institution and its programs, based on an individual’s experiences. They must be substantive but need not include evidence. Comments may be written or e-mailed; there is no prescribed format for submitting the information. read more…


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