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UMass mHealth Conference

Conference Agenda

10:00-10:10am Conference Welcome      
10:10-10:35am           Edwin Boudreaux

 Ed Boudreaux, PhD, UMMS, Emergency Medicine

“360 Electronic Patient Reported Measures: Break it In 20 Minutes”

10:35-11:00am Judson Brewer

Judson Brewer, MD, UMMS, Medicine, Psychiatry

“Tapping into Reward-Based Learning to Change Eating Habits: the Eat Right Now Program”

11:00-12:00pm Poster Session & Lunch  
12:00-1:00pm Gary Bennett

Featured Keynote:

Gary Bennett, PhD, Duke University, Global Health Institute

"Treating Obesity in Primary Care, Digitally"

1:00-1:20pm Coffee Break     
1:20-1:40pm David McManus

 David McManus, MD, UMMS, Cardiology

"Atrial Fibrillation Screening Using Smart Devices: Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing Cardiovascular Health Locally and Globally"

1:40-2:00pm Bengisu Tulu Bengisu Tulu, PhD, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

"How to Design Digital Health Solutions"

2:00-2:20pm Molly Waring

Molly Waring, PhD, UMMS, Quantitative Health Sciences

“Post-Partum Weight Loss via Facebook: Lessons Learned from a Feasibility Pilot Study“

2:20-2:40pm Sherry Pagoto

Sherry Pagoto, PhD, UMMS, Preventive and Behavioral Medicine

“Using Social Media to Understand Cancer Risk Behaviors”

2:40-3:00pm Deepak Ganesan

Deepak Ganesan, PhD, UMass Amherst, Computer Science

"Continuous Sensing of Health and Behavior via Low-Power Wearables"

3:00-3:30pm Panel Discussion:

What is the role of academic research in pushing the digital health field forward? 


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