The UMass Center for mHealth and Social Media is a cross-campus initiative devoted to research, education, and training in mHealth and social media. Co-founded by Dr. Sherry Pagoto, Professor of Medicine at University of Massachusetts Medical School and Dr. Deepak Ganesan, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The mission of the Center is to increase capacity for mHealth and social media research across campuses, facilitate industry-academic partnerships, and to become an international leader in the science of technology for health behavior change. The Center’s priorities are in the areas of research methodology, training, and technology development.

UMass Campus

Our Methodology and Analytics Core, led by Dr. Molly Waring, assists connecting researchers with collaborators with specific technology expertise and provide consultation on study design, data collection, recruitment, and data analyses for mHealth and online social networking studies. Our current activities involve research contracts with investigators at UMass Medical School, Rutgers University, Klein-Buendel (Colorado), East Tennessee State University, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. 

The Technology Core, led by Dr. Danielle Jake-Schoffman, assists researchers in developing mobile health apps and online intervention content. Our expert staff can also assist faculty and staff in developing their online professional presence and social media feeds for their labs, centers, clinics, or offices. 

The Training Core, led by Dr. Sherry Pagoto hosts an annual conference, quarterly webinars, a journal, and trainings on topics in mHealth and social media.

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