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Getting to Know Tigist Tamir, PhD

Date Posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2023


On June 22, MetNet will feature our next Fluxing Star talk. Tigist Tamir is a Postdoctoral Associate in Forest White’s laboratory at MIT.

Tigist is originally from Ethiopia. Since moving to the United States, she has lived in Virginia, North Carolina and now Boston. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Biomathematics from the College of William and Mary, then earned her PhD in Pharmacology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Her scientific focus is to identify the convergence between cancer cell signaling and metabolism. She is currently applying techniques in proteomics, metabolomics, and computational modeling to study the processes that promote resistance to cancer therapy.

We asked Tigist to answer the following random non-scientific questions:

What current book or TV shows are you into?

I am obsessed with any shows that are based on space travel. I enjoy seeing the vision and the imagination that goes into creating those worlds. I am still waiting for the next season of The Expanse.

What is your favorite hobby or activity outside of lab?

I love to dance. It is freeing and gives me a creative outlet. I have been enjoying the Latin dance scene in the Boston/Cambridge area.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Trying to fit in takes way more energy than being yourself. As a neurodivergent scientist, I can attest that I am better when I find ways to reframe most aspects of how I reach my goals and accepting that the typical avenue may not work for me is an ongoing lesson.

What is one good habit and one bad habit you have?

I am adventurous both in life and in how I do science, but it can become a bad habit when not properly moderated. I have become better at recognizing it, and building strategies to catch it before it becomes maladaptive.
What profession do you think you would have chosen if you weren’t a scientist?
 I love telling stories, so I would enjoy a creative outlet like screen writing.