Physician Patient & Society Course

The Physical Patient and Society course is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary course that spans the first two years of medical education at UMass-Worcester.  Although it is managed by the Office of Medical Education, PPS is directed and staffed heavily by Department of Medicine faculty.  The course is comprised of the Longitudinal Preceptor program in years one and two, Physical Diagnosis courses in years one and two, and Physical Patient and Society lectures and small group sessions in years one and two.   All of these discreet components  are directed by our medicine faculty.  The only component of the PPS course not overseen and staffed by our faculty is the Community Clerkship.  The overall PPS course director is a medicine faculty member. 

Both LPP and PD courses increasingly focus on students' ability to obtain histories and perform physical exams, working directly with a physician preceptor.  Many medicine faculty are among the preceptors for LPP1 & 2 with participating faculty from all departments. The course director is from medicine and one of our faculty members directs and teaches the bulk of PD1; the director and virtually all preceptors for PD2 are from our department.  

The department also provides many of the small group facilitators for the time intensive PPS course in first and second years.  The focus of these small group sessions includes basic history taking and communication skills, integration and application of basic science knowledge, utilizing clinical scenarios, and developing strong presentation skills. 

Medicine is proud to provide leadership and teaching in these early formative medical education courses.