Research Programs

Immunology Virology Program (IVP)

The Program in Immunology & Virology is directed by the Immunology and Virology Committee, an interdepartmental group that includes faculty with diverse research interests, including the molecular and cellular basis of immune responsiveness, and the control of viral, bacterial and parasitic infections. The program has a training grant to support both graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.   For more information webjump 

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (IGP)

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program supports graduate training in interdisciplinary approaches to biomedical research. More than 60 laboratories are headed by a distinguished group of faculty affiliated with 12 basic science and clinical departments.  Program investigators employ a wide range of instrumentation and experimental approaches, including: classical and molecular genetics, proteomics and genomics,  X-ray crystallography and nuclear magneticresonance, and digital imaging and laser confocal microscopy of single cells and tissues.  For more information webjump 

Residency Research Program in Internal Medicine

The Research Pathway offers traditional and innovative programs flexibly designed for the resident who desires training as a physician - scientist and a career in academic medicine.  This track, approved by the American Board of Internal Medicine, combines streamlined clinical training with a structured research experience. For more information webjump 

Clinical Population and Health Research (CHPR)

The Clinical & Population Health Research (CPHR) doctoral program is one of the few in the country that was specifically designed to address the new challenges in biomedical research, speeding the translation of knowledge from the explosion in basic sciences to patient care interventions, and assuring that new evidence-based medicine reaches the populations that can benefit from it.  The CPHR program promotes an interdisciplinary approach to conducting research, and provides a strong focus on addressing the needs of vulnerable populations.  For more information webjump 

Center for AIDS Research (CFAR)

The intent of the University of Massachusetts Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) is to promote and strengthen AIDS-related research activities at this institution.  For more information webjump 

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