Survey Results

Between May 27th and June 1st 59 respondents answered the “Reinventing the Department of Medicine Faculty Meeting” Survey. Thus far, faculty meetings have had a mere 10% attendance rate causing Department of Medicine leaders to seek faculty input on how improvements can be made. The answers to this survey will help do just that.

Question 1: Which of these topics would be of interest to you in the DOM faculty meeting?  n=59. 

The following are the mean responses from 0 to 5, with 5 being the most useful. The green bars below indicate the proportion of respondents rating 4 or 5 for the top five topics of interest: financial updates (75%), clinical system updates (75%), highlighting of a division innovation or new program in the department (74%), faculty development (71%), and system leaders (70%).

survey poll results

Some respondents also provided answers to open ended questions. The number of respondents is noted for each question

Question 2:  What other topics would be of interest? n=17

  • Creating opportunities for collaboration
  • Reports from DoM reps on clinical/school committees
  • Get to know faculty/ social networking
  • Share research interests, techniques and tools
  • Share best practices- clinical and flow initiatives
  • System changes
  • Faculty input
  • EMR/ information systems
  • Managing work place conflict
  • Strategic vision
  • Team Building
  • Education topic for the faculty. E.g. new clinical evidence
  • Resources for sharing equipment and other shared resources
  • Residency
  • Connect to national programs to advance research/clinical

Question 3 Are there particular barriers that currently prevent you from coming to the meetings? 44 people answered with overwhelmingly similar responses. The following are the general topics:

  • Location/Campuses: faculty are at different sites and have difficulty in getting to the university site for the meeting
  • Time: the current morning time does not work for many
  • Work-life balance: early morning or evening meetings may be particularly difficult for faculty with familial obligations
  • Competing responsibilities
  • In clinic: would have to cancel appointments
  • Agenda items are not inspiring/relevant/action oriented

Question 4 Are there particular topics or meeting style (e.g. interactive rather than informational) that would make you likely to come to meetings? n=27

  • Seek feedback from faculty members as regular part of meeting
  • “Speed dating”: try interactive exercises that help faculty members to get to know each other
  • Provide information/agenda a few days early so people know what is on the agenda
  • Interactive
  • Engaging
  • Beyond clinical agenda items, need research and education topics
  • Focus on department wide issues that transcend individual divisions
  • Idea board-like online process to suggest agenda items

Some of the other comments/themes that were identified from the narrative comments:

  • Offer CME credits
  • Several respondents recommended to replace Grand Rounds quarterly for department meeting
  • Live stream online
  • Departmental performance measures
  • Combine with other formats of information sharing (e.g. written summary)