The Alumni

Katherine Baldwin, MD
A graduate from Cornell Univeristy, where she studied English, Katherine enrolled in medical school at UMass.  As a medical student, she developed a strong interest in gastroenterology, particularily IBD. This interest continued and deepened during residency at UMass, and upon graduating in 2014, Katherine entered a pediatric gastroenterology fellowship at MGH. 

Jen Barkley, MD
Jen went to college at Yale, before completing medical school and residency at UMass. Upon graduating from residency in 2011, Jen relocated to San Diego, where she is currently practicing Med/Peds Primary Care.

Stacey Beberman, MD
Stacey attended Connecticut College as an undergraduate, and worked in Washington DC doing breast cancer research at the NIH. She returned to Worcester to attend medical school and Med/Peds residency at UMass.  Upon her graduation in 2013, she began practicing Med/Peds primary care in Holden, MA. 

Christine Bielick, MD
Chris received her BS in Biology from the University of Wisconsin. She attended Tufts University School of Medicine, and completed Med/Peds residency training at UMass in 2013.  She is currently a UMass Adult Critical Care / Pulmonology fellow. 

Eugene Boss, MD
Eugene "Geno" Boss spent his undergraduate years at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and attended medical school at UMass.  Upon graduating in 2010, Geno began practicing Med/Peds Primary Care in at the Lahey Clinic in Ipswich, MA.

Elizabeth Boyle, MD 
A 2001 graduate of our program, Elizabeth is also a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She is currently a faculty member at Baystate Medical Center where she practices primary care Med/Peds and is extensively involved in the teaching of residents. 

David Carlson, MD 
A 2007 Med/Peds residency graduate, Dave attended College of the Holy Cross in Worcester where he obtained his undergraduate degree before enrolling at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  Upon completing his Med/Peds residency, Dave served as Pediatric Chief Resident for the 2007-2008 academic year.  He is currently practicing Med/Peds Primary Care and precepting residents and students at the Continuity Clinic site in Westboro. 

Tamara Chang, MD
Tamara completed Brown University's 8-year medical program prior to completing her med/peds training at UMass in 2011. She is currently completing a Hematology/Oncology fellowship at St. Jude’s Research Center in Tennessee. She has a special interest in heme/onc transitional care from childhood to adulthood and secondary effects of childhood cancer.

Megan Douglas, MD, MPH
Originally from California, Megan attended Georgetown University and Tulane School of Medicine before graduating from our Med/Peds program in 2002.  She started her career in academic medicine here at UMass Memorial and was active in the residency program, serving as Assistant Program Director for two years. Megan is now practicing community Med-Peds at the Rehoboth-Seekonk Medical Center in southern Massachusetts.   She remains an active local resource for the UMass Med-Peds residents and residency program. 

Brad Drabant, MD
An alumnus of Boston College and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Brad served as our Med/Peds Chief Resident for two years before graduating in 2006.  He completed a neonatology fellow at UMass, and is currently practicing neonatology in Las Vegas, NV. 

Dave Fish, MD
Earned his undergraduate degree at Providence College and then attended UMass Medical School. Dave graduated in 2010 and served as Pediatric Chief Resident for the 2010-2011 academic year.  He is currently UMass’s first Med/Peds trained hospitalist to practice in both Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. He splits his time equally between the two specialties.

Kenneth Fowler, MD
Ken attended Williams College and the Medical University of South Carolina.  After obtaining his MD, he completed a family medicine residency in Maine, but his desire to learn more led him to complete Med/Peds training at the University of Massachusetts.  Ken graduted in 2008 and is currently practicing pediatric primary care in Massachusetts.

Bryon Gentile, MD
Bryon earned his undergraduate degree from Providence College, where he studied the molecular babis of osteosarcoma and Paget's Disease.  Following graduation, he attended medical school at Penn State before completing his residency at UMass in 2012.  Bryon is currently pursuing an adult Cardiology fellowship at UMass.

Will Hanna, MD
A 2011 residency graduate, Will first attended Marshall University as an undergraduate and then the University of Kentucky for medical school. He is currently completing a Pediatric Critical Care fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Mona Hinrichsen, MD
After graduating from Trinity undergraduate in San Antonio, Texas, Mona attended medical school at Texas A&M.  She graduated from UMass' Med/Peds residency in 2010 and began practicing Med/Peds Primary Care in Spencer, MA.  Recently, Mona transitioned her career to include hospitalist medicine.

Nils Hoernle, MD 
A 2003 graduate, Nils attended Washington University and the University of Kansas Medical School. An accomplished researcher, he helped to sequence the gene promotor involved in Factor IX deficiency, a condition he suffered from during childhood. He is currently practicing primary care south of Boston. 

Paula Kue, MD 
Paula graduated from our program in 2007.  She came to us after studying at Johns Hopkins University and Albany Medical College.  She is currently practicing Med/Peds primary care in Massachusetts.

Jeffrey Lawrence, MD
Jeffrey studied psychology and film at UMass Amherst as an undergraduate.  While a medical student at UMass, he became active in public health education, health policy, and global health.  He continued to pursue these interests while in residency at UMass.  Upon graduating in 2014, he accepted an academic position in Columbus, Ohio that will allow him to integrate patient care, QI, LEAN and health policy into his work.

Stephanie Lawrence, MD
Stephanie studied bio-psychology at an undergrad at Tufts before entering medical school at UMass.  During residency at UMass, Stephanie developed an interest in transitional medicine that complimented her exceptional patient advocacy skills. Upon graduating in 2014, she accepted an academic position in Columbus Ohio, and is working on developing a transitional program and curriculum there.

Chenyi Lin, MD, PhD
Chenyi attended medical school and completed a full internal medicine residency in China before coming to the US to earn his PhD in Biochemistry from the Medical College of Pennsylvania.  After completing his Med/Peds residency in 2005, he completed an Endocrinology fellowship at UMass and cares for both adults and children. 

Heather Mane, MD
Heather completed her undergradtue degree at UMass Amherst, before entering medical school at UMass in Worcester.  She remained at UMass for her Med/Peds residency training. Upon graduating in 2014, Heather entered a Med/Peds Primary Care practice in Londonderry, NH.

Robin Mayfield, MD
Robin received her undergraduate degree from Swathmore and went on to attend Harvard Medical School.  Upon graduation from Harvard, she began her training in general surgery at UCSF before coming to UMass to ultimately complete her Med/Peds residency in 2009.  She is currently conducting reseach and practicing primary care in the Boston area.

Michael Mazzotta, MD
Mike attended Middlebury College in Vermont where he studied chemisty.  After working in a microbiology lab studying Lyme disease, Mike began medical school at UMass.  He graduated from the Med/Peds residency program in 2013.  He is currently practicing Med/Peds primary care in Washington. 

Brigid McKenna, MD
Brigid received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Georgetown and attended medical school at UMass. A 2010 residency graduate, she completed an Adult Cardiology fellowship at UMass in 2013.  She is currently a UMass faculty member in the Cardiology department.

Pete Meaney, MD 
A 2002 graduate of our program, Pete graduated from the University of Virginia and the Medical College of Virginia. While a resident, he began pursuing a Masters of Public Health from Harvard, a degree which he completed during his fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 

Rebecca L. Moles, MD
Becky attended the University of Rochester and received a BA in Health and Society.  She stayed in upstate New York and attended the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, then came to UMass in 2000 for her Med/Peds residency, and served as Med/Peds Chief Resident during her final two years.  She completed a Child Abuse Pediatrics fellowship at Brown University, and is currently practicing in her subspeciality at Yale. 

Anne Murray-Chiriboga, MD 
Currently practicing primary care Med/Peds in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Anne is a graduate of Cornell University, the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and a 2000 graduate of the Med/Peds residency. She and her husband have also spent considerable time providing health care in Ecuador. 

Lynda Nguyen, MD
A graduate of the University of Colorado and Albany Medical College, we were fortunate that Lynda chose medicine instead of a career in art. Upon graduating in 2006, Lynda, her husband, and new baby moved back home to Colorado where she is working as a Med/Peds hospitalist. 

Patrick O'Beirne, MD
Our only native Mississippian, Patrick attended Catholic University in Washington, DC, then received a public health degree in England before attending the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. A 2006 residency graduate, Patrick completed a fellowship in adult cardiology at UMass in 2010 and relocated to New Jersey to begin his practice. 

Erin O'Hara, MD
Erin was attended Assumption College in Worcester for her undergraduate degree, and she attended UMass for medical school and residency (2011 graduate). She is currently practicing primary care for both adults and children in Harvard Massachusetts as a member of the UMass Memorial Community Medical Group

Paulo Oliveira, MD 
Having completed our Med/Peds program in 2001, Paulo is a gifted teacher and also served a year as a chief resident in Medicine. A graduate of Tufts University and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, he is currently a faculty member in adult Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at UMass. 

Kanao Otsu, MD
Kanao attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon and then matriculated to Ben Gurion University / Columbia University's Medical School of International Health.  She also received her MPH in Environmental Health from Columbia University.  Kanao graduated in 2008 and completed an Allergy fellowship at National Jewish Hospital in 2012.

Mythili Ransdell, MD
Mythili studied French and Economics while an undergrad at Georgetown.  She attended medical school at the University of Pittsburgh before pursuing her residency training at UMass.  She graduated from residency in 2012 and is currently practicing Med/Peds Primary Care in Massachusetts.

Annie Seapan, MD
Annie came to us from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a strong sense of patient advocacy and love of teaching that blossomed during residency.  A 2005 graduate, she is currently a faculty member of the Med/Peds program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and practices Med/Peds primary care. 

John (Jay) Shackelford, DO
A 2005 graduate, Jay had an incredibly eclectic professional life (realtor, prison counselor, nurse) before attending Missouri's University Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He has now achieved his professional dream and is currently providing Med/Peds primary care on Cape Cod. 

Gunjan Sharma, MD 
A participant in the prestigious international medical student exchange program, Gunjan personally participated in the world's largest vaccination drive to immunize 150 million Indian children against polio, and then graduated from Rostov Medical University in Russia.  A 2005 graduate of our Med/Peds residency, Gunjan is a community Med/Peds Primary Care provider.

Hui Sun, MD 
After completing his medical degree in China, Hui attended the University of Tennessee Health Science Center where he earned his PhD in pharmacology.  He then worked at the University of Massachusetts Medical School as a research faculty for serveal years before before entering the Med/Peds residency program.  Hui graduated from the program in 2008 and is currently practicing as an adult medicine Hospitalist at UMass' Milford Hospital.

Michael Sylvia, MD
Mike studied Biology at Providence College and obtained at Master's Degree from Boston University before enrolling in medical school at UMass.  He stayed at UMass for residency (graduated in 2012), and is currently completing a fellowship in Pediatric Critcal Care at UNC. 

Kathleen Townes, MD
After complting undergrad at Harvard, Katie spent time at Dana-Farber studying HIV pathogenesis before enrolling in med school at UMass.  Katie stayed on at UMass for residency, and upon graduation in 2012, joined the Lahey Clinic in Ipswich, MA where she is practicing Med/Peds Primary Care.

Rachel Vuolo, MD
After graduating from Yale, Rachel matriculated to UMass for medical school and her Med/Peds residency.  Upon graduating 2009, Rachel began practicing Med/Peds primary care in the greater Worcester area.

Heather Young, MD
Heather attended UMass medical school after graduating from Brown University.  While in residency, she developed a keen interest in infectious disease, which ultimately lead her to a fellowship in Colorado upon her graduation in 2009. 

Stephen Weinberger, MD
Steve attended SUNY Binghamton and earned a double major in Biology and English. He attended medical school at SUNY Upstate in Syracuse where he pursued his interest in international medicine while working at a clinic in the Peruvian Andes.  He continued exploring that interest during residency at UMass where he participated in the Global Health Track.  Upon residency graduation in 2013, Steve worked with underserved populations in Peru before returning to the States  to pursue a career in Med/Peds Primary Care.