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Matriculating 2011

  • Michael Purcaro

    Michael Purcaro

    Michael Purcaro completed a BA in Computer Science at Yale College, and then earned a MS in Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He conducted research at Yale School of Medicine for a year in computational modeling of consciousness during epileptic seizures. Michael then completed a diploma in pre-medical course work at Harvard Extension School. Before starting the MD/PhD program at UMassMed, he conducted another 1.5 years of research in deep machine learning of mouse retinal connectomes MIT.

    At UMassMed, Michael’s continued his research interests in computational biology by rotating and ultimately joining Dr. Zhiping Weng’s lab at UMassMed, which focuses on computational analysis of human and mice epigenomes. Michael’s completed the thesis in 2017, entitled “Analysis, Visualization, and Machine Learning of Epigenomic Data.”

  • Jason Yang

    Jason Yang

    Jason Yang is a graduate of Cornell University with a BA in Biological Sciences. While in college, Jason worked on physiology and protein biochemistry related research, gaining a deep understanding of how different basic science fields can play a part in broader medically-related research goals. These experiences helped guide him to further his interests in biomedical research through the MD.PhD. program at UMass Medical School.

    After matriculating in 2011, he finished rotations in the labs of Dr. Phil Zamore, focusing on RNA biology, Dr. Chris Sassetti, focusing on microbiology, and Dr. Sam Behar, focusing on T cell immunology. Through his lab rotations, Jason developed an interest for host immune responses during infections. He completed his PhD in the lab of Dr. Sam Behar, studying immune evasion during tuberculosis.