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Matriculating 2010

  • Alison P. Casserly

    Alison P. Casserly

    Alison P. Casserly graduated with a BA in Biology from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. Prior to matriculating at UMass in 2010, Alison studied circadian biology as a Fulbright Fellow in the lab of Steven Brown, PhD at Universitat Zurich.

    Prior to her thesis, Alison rotated in the lab of Dr. Andrew Tapper. Alison then completed her dissertation studies in the lab of Dr. Paul D. Gardner, PhD, investigating regulation of the miRNA and mRNA transcriptome by chronic nicotine exposure and withdrawal within the neurocircuitry underlying addiction and withdrawal-related anxiety. After her return to medical school, she has chosen to pursue a career in pediatrics.

  • Samson M. Jolly

    Samson M. Jolly

    Samson M. Jolly is a graduate of The University of New Hampshire with a BS in Biochemistry and Temple University with an MA in Organic Chemistry. Prior to matriculating at UMMS in 2010 as an MD/PhD candidate, he worked at Merck as a medicinal chemist on teams designing small molecule inhibitors of HIV reverse transcriptase and HIV integrase that led to two FDA approved drugs.

    His current interests include RNAi therapeutics and genome maintenance. Following completion of a rotation in the lab of Dr. Phillip Zamore, he joined the Zamore lab and is currently working to expand our understanding of the role of Argonaute proteins in prokaryotes.