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Cantor Lab Members

Sharon Cantor  

Sharon Cantor, PhD

Associate Professor

Jennifer Calvo, PhD  

Jennifer Calvo

Research Associate

Defining replication stress associated responses in cancer.


Ke Cong

Graduate Student

Dissecting replication fork stabilization pathways in cancer.

Nick Panzarino  

Nick Panzarino

Vitone Thesis Scholar in Cancer Biology
Graduate Student

Identifying mechanisms by which hereditary breast cancer associated tumors acquire chemoresistance and devising strategies to improve therapeutic response.

Min Peng, PhD  

Min Peng

Research Associate

Uncovering FANCJ functions with mismatch repair proteins in the replication stress response.


Cesar Bautista Sotelo

PGSP Student

Cantor Lab Alumni

UMASS Students

Shawna Guillemette: post-doc with Steve Elledge, Harvard Medical School

Xin (Jenny) Xie: post-doc with Alan D’Andrea, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, currently research scientist at Intellia Therapeutics

Rachel (Litman) Flynn: post-doc with Lee Zou, Harvard Medical School, currently Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics and Medicine, Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology, Boston University School of Medicine


Amy Branagan: post-doc with Chris French at Harvard Medical School

Shu Wang: Director of Breast Disease Center, Peking University People’s Hospital, China

Zhe Jin: post-doc Harvard Medical School

Sumeet Nayak:  Senior Scientist, Oncology Biology group, KSQ Therapeutics

Medical Students

Timothy Rooney

Nambiur Vidyashanker

Grace Fong

Undergraduate Students

Grace Trombley

Steven Quan

Maddie Arthur

Juliana Rose

Kerra A. Ford

Benjamin Morehouse

Michelle Heeney

Kevin Santos

Robert Puishys

Jenna Win

Aashana Dhruva

Peter Abdalla

Bancroft High school summer interns

Androniqi Danga, 2019

Emory Payne, 2013

Sam Bond, 2018

Nimisha Patil, 2012

Emily Berthiaume, 2017

April Lo, 2011

Anh Nguyet Phan, 2016

Caroline Brown, 2010

Nicole Brossi, 2015

David Stillman, 2009

Sheel Stueber, 2014