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Selected Publications

1. Zulfikar Ali, Vinuselvi Parisutham, Sandeep Chuobey, Robert C. Brewster (2020) Inherent regulatory asymmetry emanating from network architecture in a prevalent autoregulatory motif. eLife 9:e56517

2. Zulfikar Ali, Sandeep Chuobey, Dipjyoti Das, Robert C. Brewster (2020) Probing mechanisms of transcription elongation through cell-to-cell variability of RNA polymerase. Biophysical Journal 118(7).

3. Jote T. Bulcha, Gabrielle E. Giese, Md. Zulfikar Ali, Yong-Uk Lee, Melissa D.Walker, Amy D.Holdorf, L. Safak Yilmaz, Robert C.Brewster, Albertha J.M.Walhout (2019). A Persistence Detector for Metabolic Network Rewiring in an Animal. Cell Reports 26, 460-468.

4. Jasper Landman, Robert C. Brewster, Franz M. Weinert, Rob Phillips, Willem K. Kegel (2017) Self-consistent theory of transcriptional control in complex regulatory architectures, PLoS ONE, 12(7)

5. Dipjyoti Das, Supravat Dey, Robert C. Brewster*, Sandeep Choubey* (2017) Effect of transcription factor resource sharing on gene expression noise, PLoS Computational Biology, 13(4)

6. Hernan G. Garcia, Robert C. Brewster and Rob Phillips (2016) Using synthetic biology to make cells tomorrow’s test tubes, Integrative Biology, 8, 431

7. Geoffrey A. Lovely, Robert C. Brewster, David G. Schatz, David Baltimore and Rob Phillips (2015) Single- molecule analysis of RAG-mediated V(D)J DNA cleavage, PNAS, 112(14), E1715-23

8. Daniel L. Jones*, Robert C. Brewster* and Rob Phillips (2014) Cell-to-Cell Variability in Gene Expression is Governed by Promoter Architecture, Science, 346 (6216): 1533-1536

9. Franz M. Weinert*, Robert C. Brewster*, Mattias Rydenfelt, Rob Phillips and Willem K. Kegel (2014) Scaling of Gene Expression with Transcription Factor Fugacity, Physical Review Letters 113, 258101

10. Robert C. Brewster*, Franz M. Weinert*, Hernan G. Garcia, Linda Song, Mattias Rydenfelt and Rob Phillips (2014) The Transcription Factor Titration Effect Dictates Level of Gene Expression, Cell 156(6)

11. Benoit Palmieri, Tetsuya Yamamoto, Robert C. Brewster and Samuel A. Safran (2014) Line active molecules promote inhomogeneous structures in membranes: Theory, Simulations and Experiments, Advances in Colloid and Interface Science (issue in honor of Wolfgang Helfrich) 208

12. Robert C. Brewster*, Daniel L. Jones* and Rob Phillips (2012) Tuning Promoter Strength through RNA Polymerase Binding Site Design in Escherichia coli, PLoS Computational Biology 8(12), e1002811

13. Yong Seok Jho, Robert C. Brewster, Samuel A. Safran and Philip A. Pincus (2011) Long-Range Interaction between Heterogeneously Charged Membranes, Langmuir 27(8), 44394446

14. Robert C. Brewster and Samuel A. Safran (2010) Line active hybrid lipids determine domain size in phase separation of saturated and unsaturated lipids, Biophysical Journal Letters 98, L21-Ld3

15. Tetsuya Yamamoto, Robert C. Brewster and Samuel A. Safran (2010) Chain ordering of hybrid lipids can stabilize domains in saturated/hybrid/cholesterol lipid membranes, Europhysics Letters 91, 28002

16. Robert C. Brewster, Philip A. Pincus and Samuel A. Safran (2009) Hybrid Lipid as Biological Surfactants, Biophysical Journal 97, 1087-194

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