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Brewster Lab


Robert Brewster, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
I joined the Program in Systems Biology at UMass Medical School in late 2015 as an assistant professor. My origins in science are as a theoretical physicist through graduate school. In my work since I gravitated towards problems in biology and away from pure physics. Thanks to an opportunity in Rob Phillips lab at Caltech, I unexpectedly spent my postdoctoral days as an experimentalist. However my past experiences and training have a huge impact on the types of questions I enjoy and the approach I employ in my lab to tackle those questions.
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Lab Members

  Vinu is studying how resources are shared in transcription regulation in E. coli and how the spatial and structural details of the chromosome impact that sharing.
Vinuselvi Parisutham, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar  
  Sunil is studying translational regulation by small RNA in E. coli.
Sunil Guharajan

Graduate Student  
  Zulfikar is studying the role of TF competition in altering the behavior of common network regulatory motifs.

Zulfikar Ali, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar