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Who We Are

The Department of Microbiology and Physiological Systems (MaPS) is one of four Basic Science Departments of the UMass Medical School.

Founded in XXXX, MaPS hosts XX Lab Heads (Principal Investigators), XX Instructors, XX Postdoctoral Researchers, XX Graduate (Doctoral) Students, XX Research Associates, and XX Undergraduate Students from various colleges near Worcester, MA. An expert team of administrative staff works tirelessly in support of the research and educational effort.

The scientific mission of MaPS is to address important biological questions that are broadly relevant to infectious disease and other pathologies, encompassing multiple levels of biological organization.

Researchers in MaPS use multidisciplinary approaches that integrate genomics, proteomics, high-resolution imaging, and computational methods to characterize networks of microbe-host interactions at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels. Comparisons of such networks with those that define normal physiology fosters the development of computational models that simulate infection and innovative approaches to disease-specific diagnostics, prognostics, and therapeutics.

Laboratories in MaPS share advanced equipment and enjoy open social space to promote informal interactions and free exchange of ideas, study areas for researchers, business administrative areas, and conference rooms of various sizes, fully outfitted with advanced A/V equipment for in-person and remote meetings.

MaPS benefits from interactions with over 45 Core Facilities on the UMMS campus (including BSL3 Facility, Animal Imaging, IVIS, Tissue Culture Services, Bioinformatics, RNAi Screening, and Deep Sequencing).

MaPS hosts six major research programs:
Bacterial Pathogenesis
Cell Regulation
Organismal Regulation
Host-Microbe Interaction
Translational Research

Our research space includes:
State-of-the-art and green individual research space to accommodate up to 25 Principal Investigators
State-of-the-art-Microscopy Suite
Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Molecular Biology and Genetics Core Facility

MaPS also hosts the UMass Center for Microbiome Dynamics.