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20th Fredric S. Fay Lecture:  Tools for Analyzing and Controlling Complex Biological Systems

Ed Boyden



Edward Boyden, Ph.D., of the McGovern Institute, Cambridge, MA will present the 20th Fredric S. Fay Lecture on Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019, at 3:00 p.m. in the Albert Sherman Center Auditorium, AS2.2102.  A reception and imaging poster session will follow the lecture.






  1. Cortical column and whole-brain imaging with molecular contrast and nanoscale resolution. Gao R, Asano SM, Upadhyayula S, Pisarev I, Milkie DE, Liu TL, Singh V, Graves A, Huynh GH, Zhao Y, Bogovic J, Colonell J, Ott CM, Zugates C, Tappan S, Rodriguez A, Mosaliganti KR, Sheu SH, Pasolli HA, Pang S, Xu CS, Megason SG, Hess H, Lippincott-Schwartz J, Hantman A, Rubin GM, Kirchhausen T, Saalfeld S, Aso Y, Boyden ES, Betzig E. Science.  2019 Jan 18; 363 (6424).

  2. Expansion microscopy: principles and uses in biological research. Wassie AT, Zhao Y, Boyden ES. Nat Methods. 2019 Jan;16 (1):33-41

  3. Imaging cellular ultrastructures using expansion microscopy (U-ExM). Gambarotto D, Zwettler FU, Le Guennec M, Schmidt-Cernohorska M, Fortun D, Borgers S, Heine J, Schloetel JG, Reuss M, Unser M, Boyden ES, Sauer M, Hamel V, Guichard P. Nat Methods. 2019 Jan;16 (1):71-74.

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