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2014 IT Survey Results

Date Posted: Friday, May 02, 2014

When Greg Wolf, our new CIO, started at UMass he reached out to IT’s customers at all levels to find out the problems that they were facing. The feedback he received inspired him to ask Holly Powderly, ACIO of Customer Services, to lead an effort to survey the entire UMass population to get more insight on what was wrong so we could better direct our efforts to improve our services. To accomplish her task, Holly enlisted the entire IT management team to work with an outside vendor, Peter Hay of TPP Global Services - a specialist in creating surveys for IT departments, to implement our first annual IT survey.

The survey sent out on February 6th, surveyed the following areas:

  • Our five services (Help Desk, Productivity Tools, Application Performance, Application Enhancements, and Project Implementations)
  • Trending (whether respondents felt there was improvement in the past three months over a year ago)
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Prioritization of services to see what our customers felt deserved attention most quickly. 

The team felt strongly that respondents should have the opportunity to speak their mind outside of the multiple choice survey questions, so almost every question had an open-ended comments field. For our first survey, we received 1,073 responses with over 2,100 comments!

View the Survey Results!

The team studied the results and read every comment to discover the themes contained therein. Respondents were given the opportunity to provide contact information, so the IT management team reached out to the respondents who said they were having trouble to address any issues. The survey results showed us that we are moving in the right direction, however, we still have a lot of work ahead. Greg described the survey response as follows:

On the positive side:

  • Things are clearly improving with IT
  • The IT Management team is taking a fresh, customer oriented approach
  • Many IT individuals are highly regarded 


On the constructive side:

  • The IT infrastructure (network, email, etc.) is not meeting UMMS’ needs
  • IT needs to better understand its customers and deliver meaningful solutions
  • IT needs to be much more forward thinking and proactive
  • There is not enough transparency when dealing with IT


Some steps we are taking to address the issues:

  • The entire UMMS campus network is being overhauled to improve performance, and a program will be created with the Health System to fix our email system
  • Resources within IT have been shifted to speed solutions into the Research, Academic and Commonwealth Medicine spaces
  • IT adopted the Agile development methodology to ensure meaningful solutions by incorporating customers into every phase of projects
  • IT is expanding our Mac support and Mobile application developments capabilities
  • The IT website is undergoing a complete redesign, focusing on customer service and providing easy-to-find self-service solutions
  • The IT Help Desk will ensure that tickets are closed to our customer’s satisfaction, not simply because IT feels the issue is resolved.

Thanks so much for your response to our first annual survey! The survey provided us with the opportunity to hear the many voices of UMass: Commonwealth Medicine, administration and staff, faculty, researchers, and students. We look forward to repeating the process next year so that we can both find out how we are doing, and learn more about how we can do better.