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The Service Catalog and Creating One IT

Monday, April 10, 2017
By:  anonymous

Suggestions Received

  • “We still work in stove-pipes.  We need to better understand our responsibilities - perhaps the IT Website could help.  It was designed to be external facing - which might limit us to what we have out there.”
  • “I could use a roadmap of what group handles what areas, especially in the realm of support tickets.”


In IT we are constantly faced with the question, “What does IT do?”. After years of effort, we are still looking for ways to break down the silos that exist in IT and unite us as a department, where we are all able to easily find out what other groups do, and how it relates to us.

There are two initiatives underway to help combat this problem:

ServiceNow Service Catalog

We’ve already made some great strides by automatically routing tickets to the group responsible using request workflows and configuration item lists for applications. The next step is to identify the other CMDB elements and add them into ServiceNow. With this improvement we will easily see the interaction between hardware and applications, which will allow us to more easily handle issues.

IT Website Redesign

We’re in the midst of a major redesign of the IT website. Our goal is two-fold.

    • Make it easier for customers to find the information they need.
    • Organize the information by services – not divisions. To better show what IT does, and doesn’t do.


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