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Small Group Discussions

Monday, April 10, 2017
By:  anonymous

Suggestion Received

  • "Instead of conducting an anonymous survey--ask these same questions in small groups so that we can learn from each other and break down the silos."

Current Actions Underway

We heard you! In response to this suggestion and other comments about not being heard, we've set up ITEA sessions to allow employees to meet with Greg Wolf and discuss what's on their mind. Here's a summary of the initiative: 

ITEA is designed to enable IT associated to have a direct dialogue with our CIO, Greg Wolf and their peers in a safe and collaborative environment. One of the suggestions that came out of the 2017 Employee Survey was that employees do not feel they are connected with senior management. Thus, ITEA is one of the few efforts that formed to foster that relationship.

ITEA is an associate only (no management) event with Greg where attendees may submit questions, idea or complaints in advanced. This event is organized by Campus location in Worcester, South Street and Charlestown. For more information please visit

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