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Thank You Holly Powderly!

Thursday, November 21, 2019
By:  David Anavim

Congratulations on eighteen years of IT service and we wish you all the best in retirement!

Holly Powderly started her UMass Medical School IT career 18 years ago when she was brought on to manage teams responsible for software development and implementation that supported Commonwealth Medicine. Under her guidance, her teams were able to make great strides in implementing software and solutions for Commonwealth Medicine resulting in streamlined business processes and better, more efficient tech.

In 2012, Holly stepped into a new role as the interim co-CIO. Along with the other acting co-CIO, the duo was able to successfully manage all of IT through an ambiguous transition period, not only keeping the department afloat but also continuing to serve customers with the highest quality of care. The commitment to customer service and care exemplified by Holly during this period provided a perfect Segway into her next role within IT, as the Associate CIO of the Customer Service Group. For Holly, this new role was a departure from her previous software-related roles and a transition into more hardware-based services.

From managing the helpdesk and productivity services teams to establishing more effective and efficient customer support practices, IT support within the Medical School was flourishing and much of this could be attributed to Holly. Throughout the next 7 years of her career, Holly led many initiatives aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing inefficiencies regarding customer support. During these 7 years, not only was holly tasked with her immediate role as ACIO of the Customer Service Group but she also took on many leads, including managing the IT Innovation Internship program and leading the IT Expo committee.

The internship program has since seen over 50 interns, 12 of which resulted in full time hires here at the Medical School and the annual IT Expo, that was conceived to showcase the myriad of applications and services of the IT department and its partners, continues to thrive. The event was created as an opportunity to build a culture of collaboration and develop valuable relationships with members of the Medical School community. Holly recounts that when she was first appointed as the lead for the expo, she didn’t know where to begin, spending hours brainstorming in her office before arriving at the idea to create a committee, comprised of IT employees from various different groups. With the initial panic gone, the annual IT Expo thrived by presenting new products and technology to the Medical School community for the first 4 years, and more recently evolving into a more workshop-based environment for faculty, staff, and administration to come and learn how to use the latest IT tools.

Over her 18 years here in IT, Holly has done more than many have accomplished in double that. She not only helped to implement new service practices that have increased productivity and customer service within IT but she has also helped to manage many initiatives outside her role as ACIO. Holly will be tremendously missed here but we wish her all the best in her retirement!