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Webteam Wrapping up 2016 with Top 3 New Features in Episerver

Posted On: Tuesday, December 27, 2016 Posted By: Masha Zabaruk Tags: Digital Marketing, EPiServer

We've have been busy developing new functionallity and features as we wrap up for the year. And very excited to present our top 3.

1. Faculty/Profiles Listing Block

FInally, its here - officially! We are happy to introduce the Profiles Listing Block. Block connects to Profiles api and pulls in all realted information. Avoid duplicates and outdated content, no need to type in manually for each faculty member!

Block settings allow to filter the details by institution, department and division and sort by last or first name, department, division or faculty rank. Simply drag and drop the block anywhere on your site pages.

2. Updated Pages/Sites Tree View

From now on you don't have to scroll through a long list of all microsites/pages in the left navigation pane, but focus only on your website content pages, or any website assigned to you. Please let us know if you like this new feature in the comments block below.

3. Forms

We announced new forms available on Episerver a while ago, but now they are actually the reallity. See how web forms in the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud are easy to create, consistent, reusable, and flexible.

Schedule your training on how to use these forms or come see us at Genius Cafe and we can show these forms in action.

You can also find some useful instructions videos by watching these two videos below:

Creating a simple email form