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Solving Real-World Data Science Problems

Posted On: Tuesday, August 09, 2016 Posted By: Vivian Obodo Tags: A Week in an Intern's Life, Information Technology


Zhongzheng (Zach) Shu is a rising second-year graduate student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a Master degree in Data Science.  Zach has a great passion for solving real-world data science problems and will be using this passion as he compares the performance of different open-source deep neural network algorithms on publicly available Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR) data-sets during his internship!

As one of the Data Science Interns, Zach has been working on applying Deep Learning algorithms to predict molecular activity which will be very helpful for drug discovery. Because of this model, he has been able to tell a molecule’s activity with high accuracy without understanding its detailed structures and features.

 Zach has also been working on clustering different types of cancers according to gene expression data-set. In this project, Zach focused on using two clustering algorithms, DBSCAN, which is a density-based clustering algorithm, and OPTICS, which is an extended clustering algorithm of DBSCAN. He implemented the OPTICS algorithm in Python, and found out that OPTICS was the better way to solve this clustering problem.

You can see in Zach’s two projects what UMassMed IT is all about, innovation and technological improvements that pushes the medical school and scientific research forward. It also highlights the need and value of bright minds like Zach’s in the technical field and the medical field.

Although working as a research intern on individual projects, Zach has been open to working with others on different types of projects so that his experience here at UMass Medical School would be even more valuable. He often sits down to help fellow intern, Qiming (Timmy) Shi, with some coding problems and understands that no one in IT is ever alone.

“Usually, I would have lunch with Myra and Timmy, talking about movies, food, travels, and so on. Great lunch time! Although my boss, Vasu, is busy, I can get help from him easily. I would like to thank him kindly for this opportunity to work on cool projects and to learn a lot through solving real-world problems.”

Zach’s experience here at UMassMed IT is a fabulous example of how we hope every IT intern is navigating through their internship.

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