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Posted On: Thursday, July 14, 2016 Posted By: Vivian Obodo Tags: A Week in an Intern's Life, Information Technology

Chris Afonso is a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with a sub-track in Artificial Intelligence, and a minor in Economics. It is no wonder Chris received the position as UMass Med IT’s new security intern!

Chris has been working on building an IT security dashboard which will aim to centralize delivery of relevant security information to UMass Medical School’s IT Security professionals. This task had seemed challenging at first, but Chris realized that he hadn’t been alone. Everyone he encountered encouraged him to ask as many questions as he needed and aided him in understanding that although this was his project, he wouldn’t be alone. They helped him see that IT functioned as a team and that no one was ever left feeling like they had to bear the load without help.

bday“I’ve had interactions with folks from engineering, research computing, and hosted systems in order to get everything I needed in order to be successful with my project, and they were all very eager to help with getting me what I needed. I would say the one person who was most assistive was Krystal, my boss. Whenever I was looking to get some information from a data-source, she knew who to reach out to and helped me towards getting the answer I was looking for.” -says Chris Afonso

One of the key things that highlighted Chris’s internship is the fact that he has an opportunity to bring forth his ideas and insight to support the projects that is being worked on.

This fact right here magnifies the culture that we as interns have become a part of here at UMass Med IT. This has made UMass Medical School a place to be compared to when we move forward in our future careers.


Peace, love, and innovation.

Vivian Obodo

Social Media Intern | Information Technology

Twitter: @UMassMedIT


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