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Interview: Greg Wolf, UMass Medical School CIO on InteropIT Conference and Expo

Posted On: Monday, September 21, 2015 Posted By: Masha Zabaruk Tags: Health IT, Information Technology, Innovation, InteropIT, IT Expo

Greg WolfThe InteropIT 2015 is just around the corner. We talked to Greg Wolf, Chief Information Officer for UMass Medical School to get some insights and his vision for the upcoming event.

What was the idea behind the InteropIT? How did it all start? 

The idea for InteropIT started the moment I met my IT team. There was so much talent on the team, and so much potential for partnership, but the group was largely tucked away in the basement of the campus and in a maze of cubes at South Street. InteropIT is a way for the IT department to get out front and shine!  It was a great opportunity to show our constituents our capabilities and to give a glimpse of future technologies coming their way.

Tell us about the first InteropIT. What was the overall feedback?

Over 400 people attended the first InteropIT and the feedback was tremendous! The phrase I’ve heard most often, after last year’s event was, ‘I had no idea IT could help me with such a wide range of services.’ Numerous requests for mobile applications, website redesigns and research projects streamed in during the weeks following InteropIT. This is exactly what I had hoped for. It was clear from the feedback that InteropIT would be an annual event. 

What do you expect from the upcoming InteropIT 2015, themed as “Splash of Innovation”? Are there any exciting new technologies and services? Can you mention some of the conference keynote speakers?...

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