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Introducing Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted On: Friday, June 12, 2015 Posted By: Masha Zabaruk Tags: Digital Marketing, SEO

Digital marketing is the process of specifying and promoting online content in order to consistently engage with a global, online community. At UMMS, we are utilizing digital marketing to promote our research strengths, to encourage funding, to attract top-notch faculty and increase excitement in our academic mission.

Digital marketing is more than a website. Having a website obviously is a fundamental aspect of marketing yourself online. However if you're not actively marketing it by improving your search engine optimization (SEO), providing compelling content, or using ads and social media, it's like publishing your research that no one knows exists. 

An effective digital marketing strategy makes use of a variety of tools to attract potential funders, collaborators or new faculty members and grow interest to your research.

Here are some examples of these tools:

Digital Marketing Tools

We implemented robust, flexible and customizable content management system - EPiServer. This allows content editors to be self-sufficient and manage the content very easily. The new platform is optimized to the latest technology standards and search engines requirements, which helped us to increase number of visits by 73% and traffic sessions by 56%.

We keep improving and optimizing the platform by adding more functionality and usability, such as full width hero-sliders, better optimized for search engines, mobile-friendly and easier to manage, social sharing capabilities and more to come.

With 75% increase of mobile visitors coming to our website, we made a strategic decision to be on top of technology and optimize all 425 websites on EPiServer to be mobile-friendly, when most of other universities, such as Harvard, University of Pittsburgh, Maryland School of Medicine are not mobile-friendly.

With rapid increase of smartphones use, the mobile web is expanding. However, the websites which are designed for desktop or laptop viewing will look unfriendly on the small screens. Navigation will be difficult, zooming involved and might drive the visitor away from the website. 

Why do we need mobile-friendly websites? To improve search ranking, better user experience, attract more visitors and avoid being penalized by Google - meaning loosing position in search results.

Blog is another extremely powerful, digital marketing tool to achieve better visibility, higher ranking and more traffic. Having fresh content and provide your expertise will help to engage with the global audience. It will give an opportunity to express their opinions and ask questions for you to reply. This will help Google to identify you as an authority/influencer and advance your position in search results.

In the past few years, the online world has witnessed the growing importance of Social Media as a very important digital marketing tool that can give maximum exposure and greater marketing mileage for any brand.

Sharing your thoughts, telling the stories, listening to others will help you to identify your audience, get attention to the research and make the community be involved. Help to boost the fundraising and give a hope to families suffering from deadly diseases. Engage and collaborate with researches, physicians and students.

Video Interviews, Podcasts or Webinars - it’s all about creating a high quality content to share through the email marketing, social media and websites and make your goals become real.

In order to make sure your digital marketing activity was successful, we offer support and expertise of the widely used tracking platform - Google Analytics.

We implemented Google Analytics together with the new content management system to track and analyze the strategy, to learn more about our audience, such as their geo location, their areas of interest, engagement with the website and many other valuable factors. 

See below example of great organic growth by using some of the digital marketing technics.

Google Analytics Traffic Report