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GHPCC New Nodes

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We are happy to announce that we have purchased and installed additional cores for our GHPC cluster. We now have in excess of 10,000 cores in the cluster. The breakdown of the cores added include:
- 3072 new AMD cores – 48 new Nodes: Each AMD node contains 64 cores, and 512GB RAM
- 960 new Intel cores – 48 new Nodes: Each Intel node contains 20 cores, and 196GB RAM
- 6 new NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU nodes, each pair contain Intel CPUs (20 cores) and 256GB RAM

When will they be made available?
AMD Nodes:
The AMD nodes were added into the cluster two weeks ago and have been heavily used. There are no changes required during job submissions to access these new nodes.

Intel Nodes:
The new Intel blades will be activated and added to the queues on Friday Feb 27th due to the minor OS changes required, see Intel note for job submission information.

Intel Note:
Please note that the new Intel nodes require more recent version of Redhat than we use for our standard image (the standard image is Redhat 6.4, the new Intel nodes will be running Redhat 6.5). While most jobs will not have any issues, and will not require a resource request, It is possible that programs that run successfully on the standard 6.4 image may have issues running on the 6.5 image, so we have configured a new attribute in LSF (“os”) to allow users to specify if one of the images is required, or forbidden. At the moment we have three values for this attribute: ‘rh6.4’, ‘rh6.5’, and ‘suse11sp2’ which only applies to the SGI UV2 system.

How to specify these new nodes:
- To specify that the job should only run on the 6.4 image add “-R select[os=rh6.4]” to your bsub parameters.
- To specify that the job should only run on the 6.5 image add “-R select[os=rh6.5]” to your bsub parameters.

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