E*Value EVOS for Administrators

EVOS TilesEValue Optimiztion Scheduling (EVOS) is functionality that provides for collection of student preferences and then automatically schedules students to courses, clerkships and timeframes.

EVOS) delivers a schedule which has been optimized to balance the defined requirements and preferences of the institution as well as the students. EVOS operates utilizes algorithms to sort and create the most ideal schedule for all participants.

Student Affairs administers EVOS for Advanced Studies (AS), Core Clinical Experience.  EVOS for Flexible Clinical Experience (FCE) is administered by Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (OUME).

The major tasks associated with EVOS are:

Use Case: Determine and describe in the Use case document the requirements and goals of the optimization and the curricula and rules that must be in place to meet the requirements and attainthe goals.

Build Optimization Plan: Once the Use Case is complete the initial setup of curriculum, availability set and the optimization interface are built.

Student Preference Administration: Provide access to Student Preference screens so students can indicate preferences.

Prior to Optimization Run: Before the vendor runs the optimizer, all major elements are reviewed and checked

Optimization Run: Optimization is the process that creates student schedules based on preferences entered by students.

Optimization Results: Once the optimizer has completed a successful run the results are provided in an Excel spreadsheet.

Change Schedule Request: Once Optimization results have been committed to schedules, students may go into E*Value Sxchedule ChangeRequest tool and request changes to their schedule.  Studen affairs approves any changes befoe they are made.

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