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Microsite Header: Background Slider Option

Thursday, November 16, 2023

The header background slider microsite property allows for an image or a slider to appear behind the site header on the homepage. The header itself will consist of white text that overlays an image.

Video tutorial

Change the slide text width per slide:

Video tutorial

Properties on the slider item:

  • Image - should be at least 1920 pixels wide
  • Overlay Color - set a color to over the image to help provide contrast for the white text
  • Overlay color Opacity - set a percentage of the color that overlays the image
  • Slider Text - add text to overlay the background image. Text will be white and reside in the lower left of the slider.
  • Text Area Size - the text can be set to:
    • compact (roughly 1/3 the slide area)
    • medium (1/2 the slider area)
    • stretch (full slider area)