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Profiles Faculty Listing Block

Posted On: Tuesday, August 07, 2018 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Blocks, Training

This block will display a list of UMass faculty which pulls data from Profiles includes faculty from UMMS, Baystate and Lowell campuses. This block can be set to filter the results that are shown by institution, department or even division. Other options include setting a limit on how many items show or set the sort order to first or last name, or also group by department or division.

To display a list of UMass faculty, for your UMMS website in the content management system:

  • create a new block that is "Profiles - Faculty Listing Block"
    • note it may take a little longer than most blocks to load at first as it gathers info behind the scenes
  • set a title and fill in the required fields, click the create button
  • the block loads, click the properties icon to set options
  • choose a "department" if you would like to only show faculty of a certain department
  • choose a "division" if you would like to only show faculty of a certain division
  • set the "sort by" to change how the list is ordered
    • if sorting by department or division, headings will show before each group
    • note: Faculty Rank is not available just yet, at this time this will default ordering by last name
  • Max Count - Set a limit to only show a limited number of items
  • Resuls per Page - set the number of items that show per page in the pagination 
    • note: paginiation will only show when there are more than 15 items
  • Faculty Type - note: Faculty Type is not available just yet, we are currently working on this so we have left it in the editor for now

Display of the block

While editing the block, it will not display pagination or the fill filter area until it is placed on a page and viewed on that page. Once it is on a page, the needed CSS (cascading style sheets) and JS (javascaiprt) files are included to format the page.

Once your block is published, you can create a new page or edit and existing page and then drag and drop your Profiles Faculty Listing Block in any of the drop areas of that page. You can preview that page to review the layout and the filtering functionality. You can continue to edit the block as needed without having to edit the page again. Just make sure to publish that page so the block displays on the page.