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CMS Upgrade version 11

Posted On: Wednesday, February 27, 2019 Posted By: Leslie Rutter Tags: Alerts, Upgrade

New features:

  • Drag and drop images from the computer directly to the TinyMCE editor for upload [image] 
  • MenuPin add-on now part of platform [more info] 
  • First release of Change Approvals add-on [more info] 
  • Support for groups in approval sequences [more info] 
  • Sticky view mode (my fav!) [more info] 
  • New gadget for viewing archived A/B tests [more info]
  • Multi-select and drag-and-drop assets in assets pane 
  • Add query string parameters to internal links [more info] (scroll down to "Remaining URL")

TinyMCE (WYSIWYG editor) 

  • Clean user interface [link]
  • Enhanced image handling 
  • Click on image to see path in Media folders  [image] 
  • Top menu with more items 
    • Insert special charters map 
    • Insert a table of contents (TOC) 
    • Insert formatted date/time 
  • Table plugin updated 
  • Context menu - right click to insert items 


  • Editors can build dynamic form field dependencies [more info] 
  • Basic search inside form submissions 
  • Uploaded files are removed when submitted form data is removed 
  • Improved Forms Service API for deleting submissions 
  • Deletion of all form submission data at once 
  • Support for export to Excel 
  • Sortable form submissions 
  • Address Form Element - Validate with an Address validation service