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Data Sciences & Technology is excited to tell you about the new Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) system from LabArchives, LLC.  With our new Medical School Enterprise Site license, LabArchivesis available for FREE for labs and researchers to start using immediately. 

LabArchives is flexible and intuitive electronic notebook system that supports collaboration, a safe and secure environment to store all of your important research notes, protocols, methodology, and data. Other benefits of the LabArchives ELN system include: 

  • Strong niche in EDU industry (Tufts University Medical School, Yale University, Cornell University, Colorado        State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, California Institute of Technology to name a few)
  • Preferred partner of Internet 2+, the consortium/partnership of the nation’s top Universities
  • Strong system integrations with products like Graphpad, ChemDoodle & other tools
  • Discipline agnostic and can be used by Chemists, Biologists, Bioinformaticists & others
  • The only vendor known to have globally recognized Date & Time stamp audit trail
  • The only ELN with controls to prevent data from ever being deleted
  • Compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
  • CFR 21.11 certified for eSignatures as required by NIST standards
  • Addresses federal funder requirements for Data Management Plans
  • Assists with developing best practices in research data management

Test the ELN right now by creating a trial account at Your trial account can be moved over to the UMassMed account at any time so if you create a notebook we can move it over for you. SSO integration is coming soon to make the experience even easier.

If you have been using paper notebooks or another form of electronic notebook, contact us so we can discuss how best to help you to move your existing notes/data to the LA platform.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of us at any time.

Byron Deane, Manager - Lab IT Solutions | | Office: 508-856-3354 | Mobile: 508-207-3678

Rebecca Reznik-Zellen, Head, Research and Scholarly Communication Services | | Office: 508-856-6810