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  • Aspirator 12-Channel Attachment: This aspirator attachment can clean well plates 8x faster than with a single channel aspirator.
  • Hollow Heart: This hollow heart allows students to see the inside anatomy of the heart include the 4 chambers, valves, and leaflets.
  • Mouse Arena: This arena was created for monitoring mice and their behaviors within a confined space with no corners to hide in.
  • Mouse Wheel: When brain imaging mice, the mice tend to run and shuffle their legs in mid air. With the wheel, the mice can run on wheel and allow stabilized imaging.
  • Well Plate Attachment: This custom microscope attachment can hold up to 6 - 29 mm glass bottom dishes which allows imaging of 6 samples at a time reducing the procedure from 6 hours to 1 hour. The third-class levers on the side of the attachment act as a compressive spring keeping the attachment secured to the microscope platform.
  • Custom RNA Electrophoresis Comb: This RNA agarose gel comb is custom made for the RNA Therapeutic Institute where they separate macromolecules based on size for RNA analysis.
  • Centrifuge Tube Adapter Inserts: These 3D printed custom adapter inserts are used to hold 12 X 75 mm 5 mL tubes within an Eppendorf Centrifuge.
  • Magnet Holder: This small magnet adapter is used to fix magnets to a motor. When the motor is turned on, the magnetic pellet within the syringe rotates with the magnet adapter. This action agitates the cells within the syringe keeping them alive.
  • Black Cover: This box cover is used to shield experiments from light and UV that can contaminate and damage the cells within the well plate.
  • Camera Microscope Attachment: This 3D printed attachment is used to fix a Go Pro to a microscope to allow long-term recording and monitoring of experiments.
  • Microscope Plate Attachment: This 3D printed attachment is used to secure a well plate to the microscope platform and ensure no movement or shifting occurs when observing through the microscope.
  • Custom 96 Well Plate Adapter: This 96 well plate adapter was customized to be able to view the pipette tip within the stripe tubes when handling a Liquidator Pipetting System.
  • Experimental Mouse Block: These 3D shapes each have very subtle differences in texture. One lab in the Neurobiology department will use these shapes to study the mices' ability to sense touch with their whiskers.
  • Microfluidic Black Box: This light tight box is used to hold a cylindrical lens and a microfluidic mixer where protein is flown through and buffered to observe kinetics.





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