Qualtrics - Online Survey Tool

UMass Medical School now offers free Qualtrics accounts to members of the community with a UMassMed network account. Qualtrics is a versatile, easy to use, and robust survey tool. Check out the links below to find out more, and get an account of your own.

Please keep in mind that usage of this tool falls under the UMMS Acceptable Use and Data Classification policies.

Who is eligible for a Qualtrics account?

To be eligible for an account, you must have a umassmed.edu email address.

How do I request an account?

As long as you have a umassmed.edu email address, you can self-enroll for a Qualtrics account. To self-enroll:

  1. Go to Qualtrics: https://umassmed.co1.qualtrics.com. You will be directed to our internal SSO validation.
  2. Log on with your UMMS network username and password.
  3. Verify the information that will be provided to Qualtrics and select your consent duration.
  4. Select I don't have a Qualtrics account. Make sure to use your umassmed.edu email address to create your account. 
  5. Once you've created your account, you will receive and email to verify your account. The email will be sent to your umassmed.edu account.

Is training or support available?

Access Help & Feedback through the link at the top of the Qualtrics page.

In the screen that pops up, you will see options for the Qualtrics University, and submitting a technical question/issue.

In Qualtrics University you can:

  • search for your solution using the search box
  • use the navs circled in red to find out more about our instance of Qualtrics. The other options (Employee Insights, Vocalize, Site Intercept, Target Audience, and Integrations would require an additional subscription and fee.

How do I distribute a survey?

There are several ways to distribute a survey using Qualtrics. You can:

  1. take the URL from the Survey Link tab and send it out using your regular UMassMed email address.
  2. use the Qualtrics email generator and either enter the email addresses manually, or upload a file into the panels.
  3. use Qualtrics to distribute your survey via Social Media. 

Can I share survey results, or collaborate with someone on a survey?

Yes, you can. Qualtrics allows you to grant someone:

  • edit privileges
  • results/reporting privileges
  • the ability to activate or deactivate a survey
  • the ability to copy a survey
  • the ability to distribute a survey

Under My Projects, select the drop-down button to right of your survey title, and select Share Project. Enter the person's email address and click add. You will be prompted to send and invite.

You are able to collaborate with anyone who has a paid Qualtrics account. Free accounts cannot be used for collaboration.

Are there any default graphics and templates available?

The Qualtrics library allows you to store Surveys, Questions, Files, Blocks, Graphics, and Messages.

When you go to the overview of the library tab, you will see that along with Qualtrics items, you can either store your own items, or use the UMMS default items. Logos and graphics have been uploaded for your convenience.

There is also a default UMMS survey template that you can copy, so you don't need to customize your survey each time.

Is it possible to embed a survey on a web page?

When it comes to Qualtrics forms you can either paste the link to the form into your page or post or for a more seamless look and feel you can embed the form into your page using an iframe.

To embed the form copy and paste the following code into the text editor pane of the page or post:

<iframe src='LINK to your form here' name='Qualtrics' scrolling='auto' frameborder='no' align='center' height='800px' width='100%'>

Once you have done this, change the “LINK to your form here” to the link to your Qualtrics form provided upon publishing your form.

Is it possible to be notified when a survey result is completed?

Yes! You can set up a survey with an email trigger. Navigate to Tools>Triggers>Email Triggers (see image below) and fill in the fields to send the survey. There is also a check box at the bottom that allows you to include the survey responses in the email.