Collaborative Tools Comparison

UMass Medical School IT Department offers a number of collaborative tools. Each tool has pros and cons. Below are listed to most important characteristics that will help you choose the most appropriate tool for your event.

GoToMeeting vs. Adobe Connect Features



Adobe Connect

  1. Chat and document/desktop sharing
  2. Easy to use (desktop icon, launch from Outlook)
  3. Desktop Share Paradigm - No file uploads
  4. Up to 25 participants
  5. HD Video capability for six cameras
  6. Integrated GoToMeeting or UMMS conference linke and/or VoIP
  1. Chat and document/desktop sharing
  2. Flexible and feature rich, but more complex (weblinks, fileshare, polling, breakout rooms, Q&A)
  3. Virtual Room Paradigm - Upload files ahead of time; presenter-only area for staging
  4. Up to 50 concurrent participants, seminar room for up to 250 participants
  5. Unlimited camera inputs
  6. UMMS conference line (unintegrated) or VoIP (integrated)