Casper for macOS

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Casper and Self Service will allow you the ability to install applications, update your software, and setup/configure your Apple Mac computer on your own!

Use the below "Enroll Now" button to login and install the Self Service application. The Self Service application is basically UMass' private app store. It includes popular apps like Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and specialized apps like PyMol and Prism. It also includes tools that will help speed up and optimize your Mac if it is running slow, running low on space, or showing the spinning beach ball more often.

A video look at the Enrollment process:


A look at the Self Service interface:





What is Casper Suite?

The Casper Suite is a device management system for Apple computers and iOS devices. UMMS IT can inventory equipment, deploy updates, enable apps for download, and secure devices. Casper Suite provides the Self Service app to allow users to download apps on their own. It is only accessible from on the UMMS network. To learn more, click here.

What information does Casper Suite collect from my device?

Casper Suite is customized to collect only the data needed to support your device. The data we collect includes the following:

  • Hardware Specifications
  • Installed Applications & usage
  • Running services
  • Available Software Updates
  • Local User Accounts
  • Security Settings/Status
  • Connected Devices (printers, scanners)

No personal information is collected by Casper Suite. The data in your user folders will remain confidential, including:

  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Video files
  • Email
  • Browsing history

Will I lose administrative privileges on my computer?

Currently there will be no changes made to the permissions and rights of your account. UMMS IT will notify users if there are changes made to this policy.

Is my device enrolled in the Casper Suite?

To verify your machine is enrolled, look for the Self Service app in your applications folder or in Launch Pad. This software is automatically installed on your machine once it is enrolled. If you need to enroll, click the blue "Enroll Now" button located on this page.

How will software be installed on my device?

Most software will soon be distributed through the Self Service portal. IT will push software and important updates to your device as needed/requested with a notification sent to the user.

What policies are enforced for devices in Casper Suite?

Currently, security policies including FileVault encryption and McAfee antivirus are enforced on devices.