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Continuing Education Success Story - Periop 101


As a Continuing Education (CE) program at UMass Graduate School of Nursing, Periop 101 is a part of a highly competitive market. Similar programs come and go on in the blink of an eye, and they wanted to be number one in this field, when they came to us. 

UMass GSN CE Courses allow students (non-matriculated students) the opportunity to take a course to further their professional and/or academic goals. Courses are available for the traditional learner on campus and for the non-traditional learner who seeks opportunities for online learning.

Even though GSN is one of the few nursing schools in New England based at an academic health sciences center, sharing campus resources and facilities with its clinical partner, UMass Memorial Medical Center, their challenge was to find the right people, who will be interested and committed to take a part in this new journey, with a brand new offering from GSN - Perioperative Nursing Training Course (Periop 101), a blended program with online modules. 

When we got in touch, they were struggling with their search engine visibility, didn’t rank for their desired keywords, and sought to generate more leads, some of the pain points were lack of marketing materials, lead generation expirience and metrics, to understand their audience and success of the campaigns.

We knew that it would take a massive effort to make GSN's Periop 101 to stand out in such a unquie niche, and our experienced team relished every aspect of it. With continue education director full backing, we developed a marketing strategy to drive qualified leads, to make the Periop 101 easily discoverable on Google, and to boost its web presence. 


From previous experience, our team knew what was a challenge continuing education director's goals posed, so we started with what we do best; an in-depth SEO audit. This audit enabled us to learn more about continue education offerings and strategically provided all of our digital marketing recommendations.

Once our grand audit was completed, we were able to begin improving continuing education digital presence. We started with strategic on-page optimization, created optmized landing page and additional content, such as blog post interview with the instructor and marketing collateral. We worked tirelessly to build quality links towards the brand. The on page optimization helped organic search traffic and general visibility, whilst the new landing pages created a more localized, relevant, and positive user experience.

However we knew that SEO alone wouldn’t cut it, that’s why our paid search experts jumped in. We created and optimized new paid search campaigns that clearly communicated program's powerful features and value. Our campaigns were highly relevant and the ads received excellent quality scores from both Google and Facebook which in turn allowed us to make the most out of our available resources.

With an increase in search engine performance and lead acquisition, we continue to passionately work with Graduate School of Nursing, and every day we get closer to making them the go-to continuing education programs. In fact, they’re already the #1 with their Periop 101 program.

Results and Takeaways

  • Increased qualified PPC leads by 67%.
  • Increased year over year traffic by 1400%.
  • Increased keyword rankings by up to 40%.
  • Helped make GSN the number 1 to go for Periop 101 program.
  • More sessions added. Periop 101 is running twice a year due to its popularity.