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Building Community


The Center for Applied Nutrition requested help from the Digital Marketing team to increase their digital presence in early 2019. Despite having an effective diet plan for patients with Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) there had not been much marketing, promoting this diet to non-patients of the Center. Furthermore, the Center had an email list, however, they were not leveraging it properly to engage with these patients.

Upon reviewing the Center’s digital footprint, we quickly realized that it would be beneficially for them to become active on social media. We also noted that although they already had a blog page, it was a bit hard to find and it was not updated regularly, therefore, a revision of this page was necessary. Lastly, they needed a way to engage with their email list and new people who would subscribe in the future.


In order to set up a solid foundation for the rest of the marketing plan, it was important for us to first make all the necessary website updates. This include revising the homepage to include a slider that would contain highlighted events and programs, a better overall layout, an enhanced blog page, and a new contact us form that was linked to our marketing automation platform.

Once the website was built out, we could then start establishing a social media presence and driving traffic to the new and revised pages. This started with the creation of a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, and reaching out to advocates and supporters to help us promote these pages and posts. Our posts, which focused on highlighting the Center’s blogposts were being liked and shared as soon as they were posted. Within a few weeks, the pages began to quickly gain popularity and Facebook saw the largest growth with 170 followers. We quickly realized that Facebook was the most engaged social media channel and therefore, focused most of our social media efforts there. This resulted in an exponential growth for the page, leading to over 400 followers and a 12% engagement rate with the pages content in a 4-month period.

The social media success can be attributed to the creation of quality blog content on a regular basis. When we started working with the Center, we explained the importance of content and frequency. The content that the Center had was good, it just needed to be restructured into a better format, this is where the blog came in. However, the frequency of the content was just as important. By posting blogs regularly, we could engage with social media followers and email subscribers more regularly and thus, increase traffic to the website.

Emails were another important aspect of this campaign. Initially, when we had met with the Center, they already had an email list, however, the problem was they were not doing much with it. We quickly uploaded that list to our marketing automation system, created new forms to capture new subscriptions, and built a mobile friendly email template that had just the right amount of information to not overwhelm a subscriber.

Results and Takeaways 

As a result of optimizing the Center for Nutrition’s website, creating a social media presence, creating a better newsletter subscription form, and emailing and engaging with subscribers regularly, the Center’s digital presence saw a lot of growth.

Email engagement for the Center was high and contributed to an increase in website traffic. The average email open rate was 34% and the average unique click through rate was 11%.Percentages are compared to the industry average of 20% open rate and 2% click through rate.


Additionally, newsletter subscriptions were also high and the center had, on average, 70 new email subscribers a week.


By developing a digital marketing strategy for the Center of Applied Nutrition using various different channels including social media marketing and email marketing, the Center’s digital footprint increased tremendously and they are averaging 5300 unique website visitors a week.