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Success Stories

Learn how partnerships between you and the Digital Marketing team can bring measurable results.

From crowd-funding campaigns, kick-starting a highly-competitive professional education program, tapping into a large health-conscious community, or raising awareness of world-class research, we partner with your team to deliver!

Fundraising Campaign
Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center
Periop 101
Graduate School of Nursing
Building Community
Center for Applied Nutrition
Rare Disease Day 2018
Institute for Rare Disease Research

Through the implementation of various different digital marketing strategies, our partners constantly gain an increase in website traffic. This creates an overall spike in brand awareness which leads to many successful campaigns.

For example, the Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center was able to connect with thousands of people resulting in almost one million dollars in donations by leveraging social media, email marketing, and search marketing.

For our partners who focused on continuing education course enrollment, a strong digital presence was key to set themselves apart from their competitors. Revamping web pages that are more targeted, with better user experience, and when organically searched appear at the top of search results. Email and social media marketing play a significant role in continuously engaging and nurturing potential applicants. By using website forms, targeted ads, and organic posts, students on various platforms are reached and eventually enrolled in a course or program. One year of the consistent marketing approach led to over half a million dollars in course registration revenue.

Lastly, some of our partners have events that need to be marketed. Digital marketing startegy for the events includes optimizing websites and landing pages for organic search, creation of marketing materials, email and social media campaigns, and paid advertisement. As a result of these strategies, events in 2018 brought in over 4,000 attendees from over fifty countries.