Mobile Applications

It is no surprise to anyone that smartphones are becoming more and more ubiquitous.  In fact, Nielsen’s latest Digital Consumer Report estimates that 65 percent of all Americans owned one of the devices in 2013. That's a big step up from 44 percent in 2011, and smartphones are now more common than game consoles (46 percent) and digital cable (54 percent).(1) A recent survey by Nielsen assessed smartphone users and determined that smartphone Owners spend 86% of their time using apps versus the mobile web. (2) Therefore, although ensuring your website that can be viewed on a smartphone is important, this is not the greatest opportunity to engage with your audience. The primary audience engagement opportunity is through mobile applications not through mobile web site content.

However, before you begin building a mobile web site or mobile application any health care organization needs to ask itself the following questions:

-       What are your mobile goals? What business problem will it help you to solve?

-       Who is your audience? How do they access information?

-       What existing content assets can be leveraged or easily expanded to meet the audience needs? Who can complete this work?

-       How will you measure your success for the effort? By measuring the Return on your Investment (ROI – cost savings) or Return on Engagement (ROE) such as increased web traffic, increased subscribers…etc.

The UMMS information technology can work with you to help hone the answers to these questions to better define your mobile product strategy and provide the technical expertise to make your product vision a reality.

Download and try our beta mobile application here.