School of Medicine Student Laptop Program

The School of Medicine has implemented a 
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program which gives students the choice to purchase a new laptop to bring to Medical School, or bring their own existing laptop providing it meets the system requirements. 

System Requirements are recommended to ensure that a laptop is a successul portal to all UMMS digital resources, including online course content in Blackboard Learn, streaming lectures and podcasts, Virtual Microscopy slides, and digital lecture notes which can be personalized and annotated.  Online exams are conducted by course teams within Blackboard, as well as by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME).

Information Technology and the academic community have collaborated to create an inventory of software and customizations for both the Windows and Macintosh environments.

Purchase from UMass with Student Discount

The University of Massachusetts offers the U$ave Program which takes advantage of the volume purchasing power of all five University campuses, and can return substantial discounts to the purchaser.  For more information on purchasing your laptop through this program, open this link:  If you are purchasing a new laptop, you may wish to take advantage of the three-year warranty offered through the U$ave program or your local retailer.  Please be advised that pricing offered through U$ave is not always the best price; many retailers offer sales that can provide further savings.  Be sure to shop around before making your purchase.