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All required courses in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Graduate School of Nursing and the School of Medicine are utilizing E*Value’s online Evaluation suite of tools to assess and track performance of students and faculty.

When you are scheduled to complete an evaluation, an autogenerated email will be sent to your UMass Med email account.  That email will contain a link to the evaluation you are scheduled to complete.  There will be no need to log in to E*Value when accessing an evaluation from an E*Value-autogenerated email. 

Please contact your Program Administrator if you do not know your login credentials.

Evaluations Self-Directed Tutorials

Updated E*Value Documentation Coming Soon. 

E*Value Optimization Scheduling (EVOS)

The E*Value Optimization Scheduling (EVOS) is a tool designed by Advanced Informatics to integrate into the suite of applications known as E*Value. EVOS is operated by the Office of Student Affairs and will serve as its enrollment management tool by assigning students to their clinical curriculum including Advanced Studies, Core Clinical Experiences and Flexible Experiences. All students regardless for matriculation year will preference sites and/or courses and receive an assignment via the online module.

Administrators Self-Directed Tutorials

Updated E*Value Documentation Coming Soon. 

Students Self-Directed Tutorials

Updated E*Value Documentation Coming Soon. 

Students Choose Preferences

The School of Medicine has a requirement that a minimum number of preferences must be entered by each student in order to run the application.
Some schools use the N+1 rule, which automatically assigns students "Any Site, Any Course, Any Time Frame" as their last preference. Students entering fewer preferences in an attempt to give the optimizer fewer ways of satisfying them would be at a disadvantage, as their (rule-generated) preferences would include every assignment, whereas another student with more (manual) preferences would have more specific assignments preferences than the "gaming" student.

Students will be given access to the preference screens under the Scheduling menu. There is also an Availability Report menu item that some clients give to their students that will allow students to see where and when there is availability for which courses, but this entirely at the discretion of the client.

Requesting Changes

Student Affairs will manage Individual Scheduling Requests utilizing an application built into the E*Value software. The process will allow students to enter their schedule change requests directly into the E*Value interface, then the SA Administrator will have the option to manage the request by Accepting, Rejecting or putting the request on a Wait List.