Echo360 Lecture Capturing System


The ECHO 360 system digitally records lectures and delivers them for later viewing. The system is available for lectures scheduled in Amphitheaters (1, 2, and 3), Goff Auditoriums (S1-607 and S1-608), and the Sherman Center Auditorium (AS2-2102). There are no hardware or software requirements for presenters. Anything that is projected via the classroom LCD projector can be captured. Presenters do need to make sure they wear a microphone, which will be provided, and that the microphone is turned on.

Access for Students

Students may access links to the streamed lectures and other curriculum content from each course in Blackboard Learn.  Students may use any browser on any platform to view the streams, but the most recent version of the free Adobe Flash Player is required. 

Lecture capture

Opt Out/Opt In for Recording (Faculty)

Lectures scheduled for recording are identified on the Curriculum Calendar by the camera icon. In accordance with policy passed by the Faculty Council, Faculty may opt out of having their lecture recorded for student review. Faculty should work with course administrators to identify any sessions that should not be recorded in advance of the course starting.  If that changes after the course begins, course faculty can email as early as possible, and before 12:00 pm the day before the lecture to let her know the session details [date, time, location, lecturer(s)] for any additional sessions that should be blocked from recording.

In the Fall of 2009, the policy was amended to allow students to download an enhanced podcast or mp3 audio file of the lecture (in addition to the stream).

  • Every lecture by default is recorded and available for an audio download. To opt out for audio download, please email: at the beginning of the  semester or at the earliest possible date.
  • A Video-Enhanced Podcast by default is not available for students to download. To opt in for a podcast to be available for students to download, please email: at the beginning of the semester or at the earliest possible date for those recordings that may be made available as a downloadable podcast.

For more information, please contact