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BlackBoard Learn Video - Using the Student Preview Tool

Using the Student Preview Tool

Video Transcript

Blackboard allows course builders and faculty to look at a course through the eyes of a student using the student preview tool.  To use the student preview tool, first navigate to the course you want to see from a student’s perspective.  Then click the student preview button at the top left corner of the course.  The student preview button looks like a circle with two arrows going around it.  Once in student preview mode, you’ll be able to navigate the as a student.  You can look at available course materials, complete tests, and even view grades.  To exit student preview mode, simply click the student preview button again.  You will be given the choice to delete or keep your activity as a student within the course.  If you have submitted an assignment in student preview mode or some something else as a student in the course that you want to be able to see as an instructor you should keep the data.  If you haven’t made changes that you want to see or need to see anymore you should choose to delete the data.

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