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BlackBoard Learn Video - Grade an Assignment

Grade an Assignment

Video Transcript

To Grade an assignment, first navigate to your course. Scroll down the page until you see the Grade Center link on the left-side navigation bar. Click the Grade Center link, then click Full Grade Center. Scroll horizontally until you see the grade column for the assignment you want to grade. Student submissions that need grading will be indicated with a yellow exclamation point icon. To grade a student attempt, hover your cursor over the exclamation point icon and then click the arrow that appears to the right of the icon. Click the option in the contextual menu that includes the exclamation point icon. The in-line grading tool will open, which allows you to see the paper you’re grading and to leave comments for students from within Blackboard! To leave a comment, click the Comment button above the student paper. There are several types of comments to choose from. Click the arrow to the right of the comment button to see three options. Point comment allows you to click on a location on the paper to leave a comment that points to that location. Area Comment allows you to draw a rectangular area on the paper and to leave a comment that is associated with the area. Text Comment allows you to leave a comment in text anywhere on the paper. You can also draw on the paper, make highlights to the paper, and strikeout pieces of text. These options allow you to leave comments in many ways directly on the student’s paper. You can also leave general feedback to the student in the right side of the in line grading area. Click the small arrow above the student submission file to expand the feedback area. You can leave your feedback here, or if you want to have more options for adding different fonts, links, images, etc., simply click the A button in the feedback area to expand the full text editor. Once you’ve left any feedback and comments you want to give to the student, enter the amount of earned points in the small text box above the feedback area. Then click submit to make the completed grade instantly available to the student.

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