McAfee Anti-Virus

McAfee Logo Image

The Information Technology Group has been busy updating our security defenses. To achieve our goal to ensure sensitive and critical data is secure and available, we are migrating your existing antivirus (Symantec) to a new product with enhanced security and availability – McAfee!  

Strong, simple, and fast, McAfee® Complete Endpoint Protection— Guards systems and data against complex, stealthy threats . 

Virus Protection Compliance

McAfee Endpoint Protection software is considered compliant with UMMS IT Virus Protection policy when it is installed and communicating with the server. UMMS owned computers must have the managed Anti-Virus client installed to receive up-to-date Anti-Virus protection. 

McAfee for UMMS Windows users

If you currently do not have Mcafee End point protection, please open a help desk ticket by calling IT help desk at 508-856-8643. You will see a McAfee icon in your system tray once if it is been installed.

McAfee for UMMS Mac users 

You need to install McAfee End point protection software from Casper Suite on your mac. Please refer McAfee For Macs for detailed instructions on how to install McAfee.