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2014 InteropIT Conference & Expo

Make it work together!

Interop- [ability of making systems and organizations work together (inter-operate)] -IT

2014 InteropIT Logo

The first 2014 InteropIT conference and expo event took place October 24th from 10AM to 2PM at the UMass Chan Medical School Main Campus Faculty Conference Room, showcasing the myriad of applications and services of the IT department. The 2014 program has been featured compelling talks from industry and UMMS experts, on the latest trends in data security, applications development and product support, including best practice case studies.

This event was an opportunity to build a culture of collaboration and develop valuable relationships. The 2014 InteropIT was designed to inspire, inform, and connect the UMMS community. This year we introduced and demonstrated new services, powerful innovations and solutions that the IT department has to offer through this unique networking opportunity.

Speaker Presentations

Technology Visionaries and Success Stories at UMass Chan Medical School 2014 InteropIT