Manage My Password

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Your UMMS domain/NT password expires every 60 days. You will need to change your password to continue to access areas within the UMMS network. Areas that are affected include: UMMS Email, HR Direct, UMMS Wifi, and your UMMS PC.

Register for UMMS Password Self-Service

At this time, call or email the helpdesk: or 508.856.8643

Password Security Rules

The security restrictions for UMassMed domain passwords are as follows:

8-14 characters
At least one capital letter
At least one lower case letter
At least one number or special character
Cannot be one of your last 10 passwords
Cannot contain your first or last name
Cannot contain the last 4 digits of your SSN.

Here's a downloadable sheet.

If you work for FHCW…

If you work for FHCW any of the people below may request a password change on your behalf:

James Masterson
Lucy Murrell
Mohib Hashimi
Orjona Stoya

If you are a member of UHS…

If a password reset is required for a UHS Employee, a password reset requested can be accepted on behalf of other employees via email from any of the following UHS Authorized Employees:

  • Jeff Auger
  • Greg Lonnqvist
  • Chana Thibodo
  • Alma Morales
  • Darlene Block
  • Alex Valle
  • Paula Lehner
  • Kerrie Topi
  • Linda Aggas
  • Ben Ortolaza
  • Lyndsy Ferreira
  • Jennifer Guy
  • Cynthia Landry
  • Larissa Proctor
  • Susan King

If you are a contractor or contingent worker…

Your manager will need to email the helpdesk requesting a password reset.

General Instructions

You can change your password at any time by logging into

If your password has not expired, either

Press Control + Alt + Delete on your PC keyboard and select Change Password


Login to on either a PC or Mac and select Change Password from the Options menu in top right hand corner. 

If your password has expired

  • Log into on a non-domain device (cellphone, personal computer, etc.), attempt to login to on a non-domain device


  • Call the Helpdesk at 508-856-8643 if you are paid by the Medical School or are a student. 

When calling the Helpdesk to reset your password, be prepared with the last four digits of your SSN or your employee or student ID number.

You may also bring your ID down to our desk at either 333 South Street or UMass Campus for a password reset.

You may only change your password once within 24 hours without Helpdesk assistance.