Using UMMS Wireless

The Information Technology department offers wireless connections on two wireless networks. (UMMS & UMASSMED-GUEST)

 The UMMS wireless network is intended to provide students, faculty and staff direct access to school resources using the network login credentials. UMMS is recommended as it supports the industry’s highest level of encryption to protect sensitive data. The UMASSMED-GUEST wireless network provides non-encrypted access to the internet for guests of the Medical School.

 If you require assistance, please contact the Information Technology HelpDesk @ (508) 856-8643.


Connecting to UMMS and Removing UMW Wireless Network Names





What do I do if I am getting poor signal strength?

 If you are in a building where wireless is supported but you are not getting a good connection because of poor signal strength, you should contact the Information Technology HelpDesk @ (508) 856-8643.

Can I install a wireless network or access point in my lab or office?

 No. Individuals and departments should not independently deploy wireless networking products. For more information see the University of Massachusetts, Worcester Policy on Wireless Networks.  

Can guests to the University obtain Wireless Guest Access?


We understand that scholars from other institutions and other visitors will need to access the wireless network. On the main campus the UMASSMED-GUEST wirelessnetwork is available for basic internet access.

Account applications are available via the Information Technology Helpdesk at (508) 856-8643


UMassMed is now a participating institution in the EDUROAM project. Our participation allows visitors from other participating schools and institutions to use their own (participating school/institution) credentials to log in securely to the EDUROAM Wireless SSID.  Likewise, if a UMMS student/researcher/professor is at another university that has EDUROAM, they can log in with their own ID.

Visit for more details on how eduroam works.

Can anybody connect to the UMASS Medical School wireless network?

Only registered users with a UMASSMED or UMMHC account have the ability to connect to the UMMS wireless network.

On the main campus the UMASSMED-GUEST wireless network is available for basic internet access.